The Group of 11 is a group of top Ireland Universities that offers a high quality learning experience through its 11 internationally well-recognised universities. However, given the diversity of courses to choose from, there are a range of other institutions too that may be appealing and suitable for your profile and interests. A good Australian university has a comparative advantage in the following areas of study: Arts and Humanities, Clinical and Digital Health Services, Engineering and Technology, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences and Social Sciences.

List of Universities in the Ireland

  1. 1. IFA international fashion academy
  2. 2. University College Cork
  3. 3. Dublin Business School
  4. 4. Dublin City University
  5. 5. Dublin Institute of Technology
  6. 6. Griffith College Ireland
  7. 7. Maynooth University
  8. 8. National College of Ireland
  9. 9. Shannon College of Hotel Management
  10. 10. Trinity College Dublin
  11. 11. University College Dublin (UCD)

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