IOA Global Services

University Admission

We help the students with admission to any university and guide them all the requirements as well. Due to personalized guidance regarding university entry requirements almost 90% of our students get admission into universities and colleges of their 1st choice. We keep regular contact with all partner Universities by visiting them. In a bid to provide the best services and student satisfaction we constantly invite university Professors and Directors of Admissions from all around the world to hold interviews and offer on the spot admissions at our offices. We also do our best to ensure that every student is placed in the University or college of his/her choice by ensuring that all documentation is complete and that through checks are made before each application is submitted. We also make an effort to review each student's background carefully before suggesting study options as this ensures a strong application process.

VISA Assistance

Being a pioneer in education consultancy, IOA's visa success rate is one of the highest in the country as we review each visa file with extreme precision. We have deep knowledge of Immigration Policies and always keep ourselves updated with the day-to-day changes. We assist students from the initial phases of their application procedure until the time they land safely at their study destination. Even after this we maintain contact with students to ensure that they are progressing well in their new phase of life. We also assist our student's spouses and children with their visa formalities.

Exams and Coaching

We understand and know the importance of scoring well in your exams like IELTS, PTE, TOFEL, GRE, GMAT. These exams open the gates for your dream destinations for international education. These exams are considered to be the parameters to judge students’ eligibility and ability for admission to the specific universities and colleges and to qualify for monetary loans for higher studies abroad. Many reputed universities across UK, USA, Australia and other countries recognize some or many of these tests.

At IOA Global we focus on achieving student dreams:

Explore more about all the exams:


The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT), a computer adaptive test (CAT) that reviews investigative, quantitative, writing, spoken and reading capabilities in standard written English to get admission into a graduate management program like MBA. The management programs offered by a large number of universities and institutions across the world use the GMAT exam as the selection criteria. The total GMAT score is assessed from 200 to 800 and judges performance on the quantitative and verbal sections together. The GMAT exam is categorized into four parts: An analytical writing assessment, integrated reasoning, the quantitative section, and the verbal section.


The Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) is a uniform test required for admission to graduate schools in the United States and to the various other English-speaking countries and English based graduate business programs across the world. GRE is meant at measuring the verbal reasoning, analytical writing quantitative reasoning, logical writing and critical thinking capabilities of the students.


A standardized test conducted for admission to various colleges in the United States. The SAT aims at assessing the student's capability and eligibility to get admission into the college. The SAT score ranges from 600 to 2400 distributed into three 800-point sections including mathematics, reading and writing.


International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a global standardized test to check the proficiency in English language. University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations, the British Council IDP Education Pty Ltd jointly manages IELTS. IELTS has two editions: Academic Edition is intended for those who are looking for education abroad in professional courses and the second edition is General Training meant for non academic training or for work experience or for immigration. The IELTS is very well recognized by the majority of educational institutions across Australia, Britain, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa and the United States.


Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE) is an educational English test for studying in the UK, Australia, USA and in other countries. The test is acknowledged by UK Border Agency (UKBA) and Australian DIAC for student visas. The test aims at certifying test taker’s English aptitude for travel, education and better employment.

Career Counselling

Choosing and then succeeding in the career path that we love is the most important decision in an individual’s life. Each one of us have gone through that phase. However, at IOA Global we guide you and assist you in a selecting an appropriate career for yourself.

Taking up a higher education program abroad is a big decision monetarily and emotionally for parents as well for the students. Whether you are a fresh 10 + 2 pass out, a fresh graduate with/out work experience, or a post graduate, IOA Global has successful options for all. Expert advisers at IOA Global would help students in working on their career options after analysis of academics, aptitude/ interest of the students, available finances, chances of scholarships, specific location requirements, etc.

There are various services that we offer to a student:

Understanding Students’ requirements

At IOA Global we comprehend and investigate the career requirement of the students. We provide professional support and assist students in organizing their opinions and ideas about career options and professional objectives.

Selecting the University

Students looking for postgraduate and doctorate level studies from abroad should select the universities having worldwide recognition and that are offering excellent education. At IOA Global we help students to take their final call on the selection of the right university.

Admission Processing

At IOA Global we assist students in filling up the admission form, getting financials ready and all the documentation and in applying for visa. The counsellors at IOA Global would help students at every step to make them realize their dream of studying abroad successful.

Visa Processing

Visa Processing and visa interview holds the key to a students’ successful departure to a foreign university. The visa team at IOA Global is always updated with the latest requirement, immigration policies and visa checklists. At IOA Global we have a database of possible visa interview questions depending upon students’ profile.

Guidance on Managing Finances

At IOA Global we also provide assistance to the students on arranging the finances. We make students understand the entire breakup of the expenditure involved and suggest them various options available in making them realize their dream of education abroad.

SOP Preparation

Aiming to know the real reason behind your decision to for education abroad and understanding scope of your study area nationally and internationally and to know your academic background SOP (Statement of Purpose) is required from a student’s end. At IOA Global we help students in preparing genuine and honest still appealing SOP.

Mock Interviews

We want all our students to crack the visa interviews. So we take continuous mock tests of our students till they receive their visa interviews.

Admission Guidance

Studying abroad is not just about surfing the internet, filing the application forms and sending students to the universities of their choice. The admission to a foreign university is a multifarious process that leads to a lot of queries, issues, and formalities that need to be looked into, understood, completed and followed through. Even a smallest mistakes or an error in the application process can lead to rejection.

Taking admission in a university abroad is a tough call. One needs adequate guidance, knowledge and information about the university admission processes unique to that university and the country. At IOA Global we make every possible effort to make student’s admission process in an international university simple and smooth. We thoroughly work on students' applications, elaborating on strengths and explanation of weaknesses. We also guide the student towards preparing a top quality Statement of Purpose (SOP). Here at IOA Global we offer personalized attention to the student’s applications, ensuring that the submission of an error free and well presented application.

Travel Assistance

Our services are not only limited to university applications, we also assist students in accommodation and travel plans. Since we are well versed with the countries we send students to, we give suggestion to students regarding the various on-campus and private accommodation options available. We also help students with their travel options and arrange both formal and informal pre-departure briefings to prepare students before they leave India. We also try and club students to travel together.

IOA helps the students to fulfill their dreams. We have enough information about the overseas colleges and universities and can help any student who wants to study overseas in selecting the best college or university. We have highly skilled consultants, trained to assess the profile of the student before picking up the best course and college or university for their higher education. We help the student right from the selection of the college or university right to the student settling down in the country.